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Letter from a friend

Hong Kong Jockey Club

We met up and hopped on the train.

You had a list of translated phrases.

Prepared, as usual.

I appreciated that – even though we could always communicate with a wink and a smile.


I followed your lead as we made our way to the track.

I had been to dog races back home, but never to a horse race.

I was glad to have an experienced guide.


Between holding up your fingers and pointing at the form, you taught me how to place a bet.

I think we both badly wanted to win – either one of us cashing a ticket would be a win for the team.

Unfortunately, that was not meant to be.

In the seventh race we each had two thirds of the trifecta and should have spent the five bucks to box out our two bets.

Because we would have won big!

Maybe the story is better that way.

Almost made it.


Anyway, we shrugged it off.

You pointed to your phrase book – "Would you like to go shopping at the mall?"

I said "OK".

Off we went.

I tried out the massage chair – you made fun of me later, in classic fashion.


After we returned home, we told the story of the seventh race in parallel in two different languages.

And laughed and nodded when we realized it.

Good times.


I found out afterwards that was the only time you went to the racetrack.